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  • Why SolFire Yoga?

At SolFire Yoga we are dedicated to creating a welcoming environment where you can safely explore your yoga practice.  We offer heated yoga classes utilizing electric radiant heat. Our system is energy efficient and the panels are made from recycled material, reducing the carbon footprint typically associated with Hot Yoga.  Because the system does not blow forced air around the room, including dust and allergens, air quality is vastly improved allowing you to breathe deeply and feel great! Our yoga room has beautiful bamboo floors that ensure there is no risk of mold or mildew in the studio, as the hard surface dries quickly and can be cleaned thoroughly. The ambient lighting and soft colors give the yoga room a beautiful, warm glow, plus frosted glass windows allow natural light to come through during daytime hours while maintaining privacy.  We have ample parking so you can park in front of our entrance and step right in to your yoga retreat.  Since we only focus on yoga classes, you will not be walking through a gym to get to your class.  It is truly a getaway from the outside world and place where you can simply be.

This is the best Yoga Class for miles around. I’ve tried everywhere and this new studio really hit the mark. All the instructors were super friendly and the workout was very clear and safe. After the class I talked with a couple of other students and found the whole vibe to be relaxing and well worth the trip. I’m totally Sol Fired up for Yoga these days.

Barry Crowther Barry Crowther

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