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sofie-hot-yogaHot Yoga is as a series of traditional hatha yoga poses that target every muscle, gland, and system of the body, while we learn to relax the mind and breathe consciously. The class was designed for all levels and is heated to 100-103 degrees.
75 minutes





sofie-flowThis flowing vinyasa style yoga class is designed to strengthen and energize you while you practice linking breath to movement. The practice is set to music to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere for your practice. The class is suitable for all levels and is heated to 93 – 97 degrees. (60 minutes)




sofie-fusionA combination of traditional Hot Yoga postures and our SolFire Flow.  You will work up a sweat, practice balance, build strength and get the deep therapeutic benefits associated with a Hot Yoga practice.  This class is suitable for all levels and is heated 97 – 99 degrees. (60 minutes)





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Deep Sol is a slow, deep flow that incorporates conscious breathing with longer held yoga poses to create strength, flexibility and mindfulness in your practice. Although this class is slower paced, the class will be challenging for all levels as we work through sun salutations, standing poses, core strengthening movements and, of course, deep stretches. You will build strength, flexibility and focus and work up a sweat! Class is suitable for all levels and is heated 93-95 degrees. (60 minutes)




This class combines slower moving vinyasa flow with foundational standing poses and deep stretches to create a deliciously balanced class.  You will have plenty of time with this gentle pace to focus on alignment, breath and mindful transitions.  This class is suitable for all levels and the room is gently heated. (60 minutes)





 SOLBURN (yoga sculpt)

sofie-solFire-core Sculpt and tone your muscles in this heart pumping, high-energy class set to music.The addition of hand held weights as you move through yoga poses enables you to build lean muscle mass, improve balance and boost metabolism even when resting.  The class is suitable for all levels and is heated to 93 – 95 degrees. (60 minutes)




sol-awakening-flowCandlelight Flow blends a slower-paced strengthening Vinyasa flow with deep, blissful stretches. Enjoy glowing candles and relaxing music in this class that allows you to sweat, breathe and unwind at the end of the day.  Class is heated 90 – 95 degrees and is suitable for all levels. (60 minutes)






candlelight-flowStart your day with slow, blissful stretches and gently increase intensity into an energizing Vinyasa flow. You will increase strength, flexibility and balance with an emphasis on breath that will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated. Class is heated from 90 – 95 degrees and is suitable for all levels. (60 minutes)





1361231492This class is a series of passive stretches held for longer periods of time allowing a deeper stretch in a meditative environment. Set to music, this class will transport you away from the business of your day and leave you feeling relaxed and restored. This class is designed for all levels and is heated 90 – 95 degrees. (60 & 75 minutes)




BODY & SOL Hatha

Solbliss This very gentle yoga class combines a variety of accessible yoga movements with deep active stretches. This slower-paced guided practice incorporates traditional hatha yoga poses and movements that can be modified for active bodies as well as those who are more limited in range of motion.  We will go through a well-balanced class to create wellness in our body, mind and heart. This class is gently heated and all levels are welcome. (60 minutes)